uSign Digital Signature Software

uSign allows you to share documents quickly and easily with your business partners by uploading them to our secure, offshore, website. uSign works with all popular document formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,), PDF, and SharePoint. If your document format is not immediately supported, then it can be after being easily converted to a PDF format.

Using iSign for the signing of internal documents overcomes all issues and costs associated with printing, scanning and storing of a document. However, if a document has to be signed by a third party, these issues are reintroduced along with some additional ones:

  • The cost of postage or courier which can be substantial, packaging, postage costs and administration time.
  • The time taken for delivery and return of the signed document.

uSign allows you to share documents quickly and easily with your business partners by uploading them to our secure, offshore, website. Your partner is alerted to the need to sign a document by email with a convenient link. They open the document, add a reason for signing and then click to sign. A full digital signature, like the one applied by iSign for internal signing, is applied and the document is sealed. The partner has an option to download a copy of the document for their records and you are informed that the document has been signed so that you can also download the updated document containing both signatures.

An additional level of authentication can be added by including the partner’s mobile number. A password is then sent to the partner that has to be entered before the document can be signed.


  • Lightning fast

  • Today’s business processes are largely electronic. Creating an electronic document, only to have to print a paper copy for obtaining signatures, to then have to rescan the document to send it to the recipient forces your business to spend valuable time, effort and resources on printing, posting, scanning and storing paper documents. This process is long-winded, outdated and unnecessary and can be solved with just the click of a button.

  • Anywhere access

  • signOff is the world’s first offshore, cloud based digital signatures software. This means that you can sign your documents with the click of a button at any time, anywhere, on whatever device is most convenient to you.

  • Offshore based

  • Unlike other signature solutions that store data in the USA, signOff is based in the Channel Islands, therefore providing an offshore service that is beyond the jurisdiction of these data access laws. Moreover, your data is not ‘stored’ or duplicated. Instead, a thumbnail imprint of your signature passes through the cloud. We will not hold your documents, ensuring that you retain 100% confidentiality and control over your own data.

  • Solid Security

  • signOff digital signatures are based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technology and guarantee signer identity and intent, data integrity and the non-repudiation of signed documents. The digital signatures cannot be copied, tampered with or altered. Because signatures are based on standard PKI technology they can be validated by anyone without the need for proprietary verification software.