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iSign users can securely sign any document that can be sent to a printer. Placing a signature field onto a document and signing is a very simple process and the resulting document is sealed so that any attempt to change it will invalidate the signature.


The process of business partners signing documents traditionally means printing and posting paper. uSign allows you to upload documents to a secure server and automatically notifies your business partner of the need to sign. An additional one time password can be sent to the partner’s mobile phone by text to ensure the identity of the signer.

Advantages of digital signatures

Lightning fast

Swap printing, signing, posting, scanning and storing for just a click of a button.

Anywhere access

Access your documents using the cloud and sign at anytime, anywhere, on a device convenient to you.

Offshore based

Free from dubious data access laws, with 100% confidentiality and security.

Strong security

PKI technology guarantees signer identity and intent, preventing documents from being tampered with.


FREE iSign 14 day trial


For 14 days

5 Users

14 Days support before purchase



Per user per month

1 User

£100 one-off set up cost*

iSign with sharepoint addin


Per user per month

1 User

£100 one-off set up cost*



Per signed document

10p SMS password per document

£100 one-off set up cost**

*£100 one-off set up charge for each user
**£100 one-off set up charge for each user who will be instigating documents to be sent out to third parties for uSign

What people are saying

  • The Electronic Transactions (Guernsey) Law, 2000 declares that signatures and documents are not denied legal effect solely because they are in electronic form.

  • The use of digital signatures has transformed a slow laborious paper procedure into a fast, highly secure, paperless process. Not only are the resulting documents more secure than paper but we have a full audit trail and completely tamperproof documents.

  • We are using digital signatures for signing our policy documents. It has proven to be cost effective, reliable and above all an easy to use solution to our signing requirements.

  • signOff is incredibly versatile and should be relevant for any company that is required to sign a document. It enables business to increase operational efficiencies and reduce administration costs. It is an important step in completing business digitally.