signOff digital signatures launch in the Channel Islands

signOff digital signatures launch in the Channel Islands

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The world’s first offshore, cloud-based digital signature service has been launched in the Channel Islands. ‘signOff’ provides an easy to use, secure, digital signature solution, designed to create maximum security and generate time and cost efficiency in business processes.

Tim Roussel from signOff, stated “Digital signatures have become increasingly popular as cost, time and environmental benefits are recognised, but the fact that most providers are based in the USA has always been a barrier to early adoption. Having a cloud based system which is based offshore means that we’re overcoming these barriers and offering a truly unique solution.”

“In a digital world, the traditional signature process is becoming out-dated. signOff is incredibly versatile and should be relevant for any company that is required to sign a document. It enables business to increase operational efficiencies and reduced administration costs. It is an important step in completing business digitally” added Mike Culverwell, Head of Guernsey’s Digital Greenhouse.

The product, which is fully compliant with digital signature legislation worldwide, is contested to be one of the most secure ways to authenticate documents. Unlike many electronic signatures, signOff digital signatures are based on public key infrastructure technology and guarantee signer identity and intent, data integrity and the non-repudiation of signed documents. Rather than simply a digitised image of a signature, a digital fingerprint unique to the signer is produced. Once signed, the document and digital signatures cannot be tampered with or altered offering the highest levels of security and universal acceptance.

signOff is the only product of its kind to be based offshore. Unlike other signature solutions that store data in the USA, signOff is based here in the Channel Islands ‘When data is stored’ explains Tim, ‘it is only for a limited time and under the complete control of the client’.